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WicksNWax can be found on site at:

Bradenton Public Market, Downtown Bradenton, Fl every Saturday Oct-May. 9-2pm

Most Sundays at Sunday St. Pete Market at St. Pete High. 10-2pm

UTC Night Market, Third Thursdays at UTC WEST on the Green. 6:30-9:30pm

Welcome to WicksNWax, where the elegance of upcycled bottles meets the artistry of handcrafted candles. Our journey began by breathing new life into discarded champagne bottles, transforming them into stunning vessels for our fragrant creations. From our signature champagne bottle candles to a range of meticulously crafted candle collections, each piece is designed with care, creativity, and sustainability in mind. Join us in illuminating your space with eco-friendly elegance and the magic of handcrafted candles at WicksNWax.


    About Us

    At WicksNWax, we believe that every moment deserves to be cherished, and every space deserves to be beautifully illuminated. Our story began during the tumultuous times of 2020, a year that inspired innovation and change. Founded by Patrick and Gina, a restaurant manager and ER nurse, we embarked on a journey to craft something truly exceptional.

    We started with a simple idea: to turn used champagne bottles, often destined for landfills, into elegant, upcycled candle vessels. This marked the birth of our sustainable candle-making adventure, where eco-friendliness, quality, and creativity merge. Our candle collections span a diverse range of scents, each carefully designed to evoke emotions, memories, and ambiance.

    With WicksNWax, we’re not just creating candles; we’re fostering an eco-conscious, artistic lifestyle. Join us in our mission to illuminate your world with the warmth of upcycled elegance and the gentle flicker of handmade artistry. Welcome to a brighter, more sustainable future with WicksNWax.”

    The Life of a Glass Bottle

    The Life of a Glass Bottle: Why Upcycling Matters

    In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often overlook the journey of a simple glass bottle. From its creation to its eventual resting place in a landfill, the life of a glass bottle is far from ordinary. This article delves into the captivating tale of the glass bottle’s existence and why upcycling is vital for a sustainable future.

    The Birth of a Glass Bottle: A Fragile Beginning

    Our story begins in the heart of a glass manufacturing plant, where molten sand, soda ash, and limestone blend together to form a molten masterpiece. This molten glass is skillfully molded, shaped, and blown into a multitude of forms, eventually emerging as a glass bottle, ready to embark on its journey.

    A Lifelong Mission: Serving Humanity

    The glass bottle’s mission is clear: to serve humanity. Its purpose may vary, whether as a vessel for fine wines, the keeper of our favorite condiments, or the guardian of aromatic fragrances in perfumes and candles. The life of a glass bottle is one of utility and grace.

    Unsung Heroes: The Story Behind the Bottle

    Here’s a fact that might surprise you: Glass is one of the most sustainable packaging materials known to humanity. Unlike single-use plastics, glass is infinitely recyclable. But there’s a catch, and it’s a crucial one. While a glass bottle might get a new lease on life through recycling, many others meet a different fate.

    The Heartbreaking Reality: Glass in Landfills

    Our story takes a dark turn as we visit the graveyards of the glass bottle world—landfills. It’s an unfortunate truth that a considerable number of glass bottles never make it to the recycling plant. Instead, they find their final resting place in landfills, contributing to a growing problem. Glass bottles in landfills can take over a million years to break down, outlasting even the most ancient civilizations.

    Staggering Statistics: The Glass Landfill Conundrum

    • Glass Bottles in Landfills: Shockingly, an estimated 22 million tons of glass end up in landfills each year in the United States alone. That’s enough to fill up skyscrapers!
    • Never Decomposing: The timeless nature of glass means that once in a landfill, it remains unchanged for centuries, adding to the growing ecological burden.

    The Resurrection of Glass: Upcycling as a Solution

    The fate of our glass bottles doesn’t have to be bleak. In the spirit of sustainability, upcycling provides a lifeline. By upcycling glass bottles, we breathe new life into them, sparing them from landfills and contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious world.

    Upcycling Magic: Transforming Bottles into Treasures

    By upcycling glass bottles, we transform them into elegant vases, functional storage containers, mesmerizing candle holders, and even customized drinking glasses. The upcycled glass bottle becomes a work of art, preserving its past while embracing a sustainable future.

    Conclusion: The Ongoing Saga of Glass Bottles

    The life of a glass bottle is a tale of both elegance and fragility. It’s a story that’s far from over, and the role we play in it is paramount. As consumers, we have the power to extend the life of glass bottles by choosing upcycled products, supporting recycling initiatives, and taking the journey of the glass bottle from the production line to a sustainable and eco-conscious future. Let’s make each bottle’s story one of resilience, not regret, and let their legacy shine brightly for generations to come.

    By upcycling, we become the authors of a happier, greener ending to the life of a glass bottle—a story that leaves a positive mark on our planet.

    WicksNWax is proud to be part of this narrative, turning used bottles into beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly candles, saving these bottles from a life in the landfill. Join us on our mission to transform the life of glass bottles, one candle at a time.